Workshop von Christian Küster: TA-supervision in alternative dispute resolution procedures (ADR) helps to create a better place to meet and to define individual interests (Transaktionsanalytische Supervision in alternativen Konfliktlösungsverfahren (AKL)*) – interessantes Handlungsfeld für Transaktionsanalytiker_innen)

Globally ADR are increasingly promoted to avoid legal disputes and find a better solution to handle conflicts e.g. by examine critically subjective boundaries.
Mediative techniques are used e.g. in public, political and social areas, companies and organizations as well as in family disputes, asset analysis and personal care.
These techniques, e.g. mediation in Germany, are subject to legal frameworks. They require a responsible structural management by professional people, who have field competence, professional maps, role clarity and personal experience.
In my workshop I shall present in detail what I regard as the identity of TA-professionality in supervision and, using examples, I will show the effectiveness of TA-concepts in the context of conflict regulation.

(Der Workshop wird in Deutsch mit konsekutiver Übersetzung in Englisch nach Bedarf gehalten)

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